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Jay Norvell slams Deion Sanders saying, "When I talk to grown ups, I take my hat and glasses off"

CSU coach wants to make it "personal" with Coach Prime
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Jay Norvell doesn't need to be reminded of who he's coaching against this weekend. The Colorado State coach has heard enough about Deion Sanders and let his frustration boil over during his weekly radio show on Wednesday night. He said his team went through interviews with ESPN and they're tired of the noise surrounding college football's biggest story. 

"I sat down with ESPN today," Norvell said. "I don't care if they hear it in Boulder. I told them, I took my hat off and I took my glasses off. I said when I talk to grown ups, I take my hat off and my glasses off. That's what my mother taught me. (Colorado's) not going to like us no matter what we say or do." 

A direct shot at Sanders for wearing both a hat and sunglasses in most interviews. Norvell is trying to create a buzz for his program that has lacked one for quite some time. This is uncharacteristic for him, but nonetheless, this will surely add fuel to the fire.  

Colorado felt the comments made by Nebraska's Matt Rhule in the off-season, along with his antics during pregame were "personal" on several levels. But now, Norvell made himself a target for Coach Prime to make this very "personal." It's about to get heated and Sanders is about to get comfortable. Just remember, Coach Prime is keeping his receipt. 

The Buffs head into the Rocky Mountain Showdown as 23-point favorites over the Rams, who allowed Washington State to hang "Half-a-Hundred" on them in the season opener. It's a nighttime affair from Folsom Field with a 10 p.m. ET kickoff on ESPN.