Joel Klatt says a football season is "100% happening"

Chase Howell

Is there something Joel Klatt knows that we don't know?

The forever Buff has been awfully confident about a college football season in the fall. 

The confidence isn't necessarily a bad thing, but a lot of college football pundits have been weary to give their full confidence in a season.

In fact, it wasn't too long ago that ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit said he would be "very surprised" if there was a college football season.

A lot has changed since then but there still hasn't been anybody as confident as Klatt. 

On Saturday, the former CU quarterback turned college football pundit took to Twitter to declare the 2020 college football season as, "100% happening," he also went on to say he expects fans to be in the stadiums in some capacity. 

The last point may be the most surprising, all of that and, "The season will likely start on time."

If someone said that a month ago, a lot of people would've told him he was crazy. 

Much has changed since then as most of the states across the country have begun opening up.

The NCAA lifted its ban on on-campus activities effective June 1. The SEC is supposed to have most of their basketball and football athletes back on campus within the first few weeks.

Still no word yet from the Pac-12, but they are also expected to lift restrictions for some time in June.

Some positive news is what we all needed. It finally looks like the odds are in favor of a college football season. 

There may be some normalcy after all.