Laviska Shenault Is Still Hurt

Tully Corcoran

Sometime before this season is over, it would be nice to see a "Laviska Game." You know, where he completely dominates a hapless opponent and we all get to see what Colorado would look like with one of the best receivers in the country. 

That hasn't happened yet this season, and a big reason for that is that Shenault has been hurt, and based on what he said after practice on Wednesday, he still is. 

"I'm feeling pretty good," he told reporters. "Trying to get there, fully."

Shenault re-iterated it was a game-time decision for him to play last week, indicating the injury he's dealing with doesn't have much of a timetable for recovery. 

"I felt like I could do everything, but I wasn't, like, 100," he said. "But, I mean, I can do what I can."

Pressed on the issue, Shenault said he was "pretty close" to 100 percent, adding that if he was at 85 percent he wouldn't have been out there. 

That's both encouraging and discouraging for Colorado. It's encouraging in the sense that the best player on the team is very nearly back to himself again. It's discouraging in that we might not ever see him at 100 percent in a Colorado uniform again. 

When Shenault got off to a slow start this season, I assumed it was mainly because opposing defenses were determined to take him away. And that was a big part of it. 

But six weeks in, it's fair to wonder if Shenault has ever been healthy this season, and if he ever will be.