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WATCH: Davion Taylor gets bottles thrown at him during singing performance

First-year Philadelphia Eagles linebacker and forever Buff Davion Taylor tried to perform for his new team and was met with boos and water bottles.

Davion Taylor has been enjoying his first NFL training camp with the Philadelphia Eagles.

At least, up until this point.

In typical team bonding fashion, the Eagles ask their rookies to sing a song in front of the players, karaoke-style, in an effort to get them more acquainted with the team. 

It's an initiation process for the rookies to officially be accepted onto the team. 

And it did not go well for the forever Buff, Taylor. 

Taylor chose the song "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" written by Nickolas Ashford and Valerie Simpson and famously performed by Marvin Gaye.

Usually, a great song to perform in front of a crowd. It's famous for football settings as well as a crucial scene in the movie Remember the Titans. 

It started off well for Taylor, with his head coach Doug Pedersen nodding in the background, but at some point, it takes a turn for the worse. His teammates boo him off the stage and throw water bottles at him. 

Taylor joked about it on Twitter afterward saying, "They didn’t have to do me like that."

The good news for Taylor is they did not bring him in to sing. They brought him in to play linebacker and they need him. 

Jatavis Brown recently announced his retirement meaning the Eagles are down to seven linebackers with a combined 35 total starts. They will need him to be a contributor. 

Some would say Taylor just got the typical Philadelphia welcome. That's just how they show love.