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SI All-American candidate Chase Penry excited about future with CU Buffs

Chase Penry is CU's longest lasting 2021 commit and he was recently named to the SI All-American watch list.

Chase Penry has been CU’s longest lasting 2021 commit. He wasn’t the first or second commit of the 2021 class but he’s the only one still around. And he remains locked in with the CU Buffs.

Amid the coaching change, a lot was up in the air with the skilled receiver. But he stayed in contact with offensive coordinator Darrin Chiaverini throughout and immediately clicked with head coach Karl Dorrell.

“Right from the beginning I could tell he was more of a kind of a put your head down (kind of guy) and he’s just about his business, about his work,” Penry said. “And I really respect that because I can relate to that. He’s more put his head down and get the job done sort of guy, not really worried about his perception in the media and all that. And I think that's something I can really relate to so I feel like the coaching change kind of blessing in disguise because I feel like I've been able to relate to Coach Dorrell more.”

He also remains in constant contact with Chiaverini over the last year and they have built a strong bond. Penry is always sending him video of him training and Coach Chev will send back ways to improve.

Penry was ecstatic when Chiaverini was named offensive coordinator.

“I think it's really good,” Penry said. “It was really good news just because I know he's gonna spread the ball, spread the field out and throw the rock around.”

The 6-foot-1, 185-pounder was recently named to the Sports Illustrated All-American watch list. He was one of just a few Colorado standouts to make the list.

“The All-American nomination was a really cool honor because it's a great institution,” Penry said. So, yeah, just really honored,” Penry said. “But like, as you know, I try not to get too caught up and all that. Just go about my business. And when I go against top players, and I get the opportunity to go and get the top kids, I try and make the play and prove that I can compete.”

Read his full SI All-American profile here.

Penry has had a busy offseason. He is always working on improving his fundamentals. And even though his strength is route running and releases, that’s something he knows he can always improve.

“I think it's building on my release package, being able to get off the ball,” Penry said. “I think that's one of my strong suits but I've been trying to add more to my repertoire, to my bag of releases and being creative off the line. And then I think just my feet have been really a big focus this spring. I’ve been working really hard on getting my legs a lot stronger. And then I've been working with like a speed coach twice a week and just really focused in on that. And then always working on my ball skills, catching the rock.”

He has been working at Landow Performance, one of the more prominent speed coaches in the Denver area, throughout this summer and is expecting to dominate his senior season with Cherry Creek.