2022 four-star QB Walker Howard wants to visit Colorado

Chase Howell

Walker Howard is one of the top quarterbacks for the 2022 class according to the rankings on 247Sports.

He’s rated as a four-star recruit and the No. 3 pocket passer in the nation.

The Lousinian native has yet to start a varsity high school game.

“The crazy thing is I have not started a varsity game yet,” Howard said. “I’m a young guy that just wants to throw the ball so it kind of sucks sitting behind someone. But I’ve learned so much. We’re actually good buddies. He’s taught me so much about the game.”

He has sat behind Caleb Holstein for the last two seasons. Holstein is heading to Louisiana Tech next year.

Howard started to see his recruitment blow up after excelling during the camp season a year ago. He received an offer from Louisiana-Lafayette in the spring and then went to an Alabama camp soon after. Alabama offered him after the camp.

Since then, the 6-foot-1, 190-pounder has received offers from 12 other power conference programs.

One of those schools is LSU, where his dad, Jamie, played quarterback in the 90s. Although the connections are there and Howard admits growing up as a fan, he doesn’t believe they are the leader in his recruitment.

“I’ve always grown up an LSU fan,” Howard said. “Growing up as a Lousianian boy, LSU is a dream school when you’re little. But as I’ve gotten older and started looking at other places, I’ve started to get interested. There’s other places than LSU, you know? There are so many cooler places. I’m open to go anywhere. LSU is not No. 1 or anything on my list. I’m open to anything.”

There is usually an allure to play in the SEC for the recruits from there and across the United States. Howard says he doesn’t care about what conference he plays in.

“I’m looking for anything,” Howard said. “Whatever is the best fit for me. I’m going to know what the best fit is by looking at everything and my family and I will know what is the best school for me. It doesn’t matter where it is or how big, it is whatever is the best fit for me.”

The gunslinger wants to take a lot of visits when the country opens up again to find the best fit. One of those places is Colorado after stepping up with an offer last week.

“There’s so many places I have been in contact with lately and there are so many new schools and all of that stuff that I really want to get out and go see,” Howard said. “And Colorado is definitely on my list to go visit because it’s such a great place over there and has such a great coaching staff.”

Howard was offered by offensive line coach Mitch Rodrigue who has very deep ties to the state of Louisiana.

“Coach Rod over there, small world, we ended up knowing so many people that he used to coach back in the day that are like really good friends and helped coach me,” Howard said.

One of those connections is one of Howard’s mentors Jake Delhomme.

“He knows Jake Delhomme really well,” Howard said. “And that’s who I work with a lot and he helps me out with the physical and mental part of the game and just a great guy to talk to about everything. So we had a good conversation with him about Jake Delhomme.”

He also said that Delhomme has spoken very highly of Rodrigue.

Howard was offered on the same phone call as Will Campbell, a four-star offensive lineman out of Louisiana and a good buddy of Howard’s.

Can the Rod reel in some big fish out of Louisiana?

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I’m aboard the Coach Rod Hype train, this kid can sling it.

Great article Chase, happy to see you crushing it over here man!

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Chase Howell
Chase Howell


Thanks Natty! I'm trying my best. I miss you guys and it just feels right having you and Nippes commenting on this story. Keep it up!


His film was awesome. I didn't realize I was watching JV film at the time, but good to know my eyes were not deceived with the other big fish stepping up and offering Walker. Coach Rod has some good connections. I hope he is able to cash in on those with some good talent in the South.