Former Gators LT Stone Forsythe Ready To Prove Himself in the NFL

Perhaps an underdog, former Florida Gators left tackle Stone Forsythe is making strides in his development en route to the 2021 NFL Draft.
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For some, the path to the NFL Draft is rather clear. They've already had a successful career, their draft stock couldn't be higher, and they are just training and waiting for their name to get called - because it will get called.

For others, the underdogs, there's a chance it won't happen, they seemingly have to work even harder to prove their worth. That is currently the position former Florida Gators left tackle Stone Forsythe is in.

While last year was undoubtedly his best yet, Forsythe was still given the label of a "mid to late-round" projection by Florida head coach Dan Mullen. Either way, the hill will be tough to climb for the former Gators left tackle and his pro day was his first opportunity to continue the job interview process that is the months leading up to the 2021 NFL Draft.

"I just kind of wanted to just go out and get a fresh picture of me in their minds," Forsythe said following Florida's Pro Day on Wednesday.

"I feel like I kind of had a bad picture in their mind just from the Oklahoma game and kind of just even some of my other teammates. I feel like it wasn't one of our best games. So I just kind of want to show it here that I can kind of move and be athletic and just look natural out here."

Forsythe's ability to move has never been in question. He was undoubtedly the team's best pass blocker last season, and he proved that week-in-and-week-out by protecting the blindside of one of college football's best quarterbacks in 2020, Kyle Trask.

Yet, he still needs to prove his worth, he isn't thought of as one of the best offensive linemen in the draft, not yet. According to Pro Football Focus, Forsythe allowed just two sacks. His progress last season gave him a confidence boost. Knowing that he helped Trask become a Heisman finalist gives him an energy boost, too.

"It kind of just gave me a lot of confidence," Forsythe said of his play last season.

"Last year was a big confidence year for myself. I feel like I still don't have kind of the recognition that people think I should have or that I want. But that's fine with me. I'll be the underdog. I know that any team, whatever, takes a chance on me, I'll be one of the best out there."

During his pro day, Forsythe showed scouts just what he's made of. He scored high on his speed, size and agility testing. His RAS (relative athletic score), was a staggering 8.76 out of 10. That ranks him as the No. 142 out of 1133 offensive tackles from 1987 to 2021.

At 6-foot-8 (not 6-foot-9 as he is listed on the Florida Gators' official roster),  307 pounds, scouts have admired his length. One aspect of his game that he has to improve on, however, is his run-game blocking, Forsythe noted. "So that's kind of been a big focus for me this offseason."

In talking with teams since January, when he declared, Forsythe has known for a few months that that is what NFL scouts are looking for him to improve, too.

Forsythe will continue to focus on getting his run blocking to a better place, he will also try to gain a little more weight, falling a bit too far down the scale, wanting to add a few extra pounds. But, as an underdog, Forsythe is used to the challenge and is ready to do what it takes to prove he's one of the top dogs in the draft.