Florida Gators Report Zero Positive COVID-19 Results in December

The Florida Gators athletics department reported no new positive test results thus far in December.
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Today, the Florida Gators athletic department released its new COVID-19 test result numbers for the month of December. According to the report, there have been zero cases of COVID-19 within the football program, along with the rest of the athletics department as a whole.

Last month, the Gators' football program finished the entire month of November with just one new positive test result. That positive test result was also the only positive result since the outbreak that occurred in October forced the program to postpone two games, including the team's matchup against the LSU Tigers that is now set to take place on Saturday, Dec. 19.

Below, you can find the update in its entirety. Results are available from tests administered through Monday, Dec. 7.

Since Athletes Returned to Campus on May 26

Total Tests on Campus: 7,154

Total Positives On Campus: 170

Total Tests for December: 193

Total Positives for December: 0

Since Football Athletes Returned to Campus on May 26

Total Tests on Campus: 3,717

Total Positives on Campus: 69

Total Tests for December: 148

Total Positives for December: 0

The news of no positive test results across the entire athletics department is a good one, especially considering the men's basketball team began its season play earlier this month. Now, the football program enters the final week of its regular season, hoping to continue marching forward without any new positives.

Florida, while not perfect throughout the year, has proven to be one of the best in the nation before and after its outbreak, the only one this year for the Gators, in October.