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Live Scouting and Interviewing Gators 2021 QB Commit Carlos Del Rio

The Gators have one of the best 2021 signal callers in their class. Here’s a closer look at Carlos Del Rio and how he translates to the next level.

My interview with Del Rio, in which we discussed McEachern's next opponent and the playoffs, his relationship with Dan Mullen, when he next plans on visiting Florida, and more, is in the video above.

It can be difficult to evaluate arm strength without watching a quarterback live. It’s just not the same watching his velocity on tape. Therefore, I made my way up I-75 to McEachern High School, just outside of Atlanta, to speak with and get a glimpse of the four-star, 2021 Florida quarterback commit myself.

When Carlos Del Rio snaps off a pass, it’s a rocket. While no names shall be mentioned, one particular receiver was even giving Del Rio grief during today’s early morning practice, kidding him about how Del Rio’s passes hurt sometimes.

All kidding aside, Del Rio provides all the arm strength necessary to make the deep out, fade, and post. If a quarterback can throw those passes, he will be good at the next level. With arm strength out of the way, it’s on to the most critical category.

Without a doubt, Del Rio was on during Wednesday's practice. He was hitting his receivers in stride and doing so while not taking anything off the passes. Short passes to the flat, corner routes, and several intermediate-type throws all possessed zip and accuracy. It’s one thing to be accurate because you let up, yet another to throw hard and still make one’s mark. It was impressive. Mobility also stood out.

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Del Rio runs a spread offense for McEachern. He can hold a fake with the best of them, while still pulling the ball for an RPO and big completion. Several of his throws were with defenders in his face or at his feet. Del Rio kept on delivering very catchable passes.

The best pass of the day came under heavy duress, on a corner route with very good coverage. Del Rio placed the ball right on the outside where only the receiver could catch it. That type of accuracy will hardly ever be defeated. It was a fantastic pass under adverse circumstances - well done. 

Last phase: athleticism. No doubt, this kid can run. Speed is not a question, as he’s athletic enough to be a Division I wide receiver. Better yet, he’s also shifty in the hole. When he runs the ball he’s a threat to break big plays with speed and moves. He will place defensive coordinators in a bind.

If anything, the one concern with Del Rio would be utilizing more touch during shorter throws. Many strong-armed signal-callers throw bullets during shorter routes. Sometimes, Del Rio does as well.

While it depends on the receiver in question, Del Rio may need to occasionally slow down his arm motion and deliver a softer pass. It will not only be easier for shorter-field players like the running back to catch, but also it will allow the back to turn upfield more quickly and decisively. Still, that’s a really short list. 

Overall, Del Rio looked really good. Florida’s quarterback room is looking stacked for the future.