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Brent Key Gives Important Injury Updates After First Day Of Spring Practice

Georgia Tech opened up spring practice on Monday

Georgia Tech opened up spring practice today and the Yellow Jackets are back on the field for the first time since they won their bowl game vs UCF in December.

The Yellow Jackets began spring practice with a couple of injury questions. Wide receiver Leo Blackburn (tore his ACL last spring), defensive end Sylvain Yondjouen (torn ACL in opener vs Louisville), and transfer Keylan Rutledge all came into the day with injury questions. 

After practice, Yellow Jackets head coach Brent Key was asked about Blackburn's injury and how he was progressing: 

"Yeah, I mean, how many months ago was it? And he's back, he was full speed, full go. I was down at 1 -0 -1s today with the O -line D -line and turned around one time and saw Leo with a nice catch across the middle. And I just looked up, wow, man, it's good to see. Good job, Leo. Good job."

Key also gave updates on Yondjouen and Rutledge:

"Yeah, so we-- pretty healthy right now, actually really healthy going into spring. Sylvain is-- he looks like a statue out there. I mean, the way he's built, and seeing him run around. And I mean, you see how well he's moving and doing things. I mean, I wish I could get him out there, but we're not going to rush anything with anybody when it comes to those-- things. And then, so he won't be around in the spring, but he won't be practicing the spring, but he's well on course to be full go when summer camp gets here. And Keylan had the unfortunate, when he had the car accident, the unfortunate injury there, and every two weeks he goes to the doctor. And the last checkup's been very good, very promising. So, again, we're going to continue to take it. really week by week with him and make sure that everything heals up and it's done the right way so we can have him back for summer as well."

Georgia Tech Wide Receiver Leo Blackburn

Georgia Tech Wide Receiver Leo Blackburn

These are all encouraging updates from Key. Blackburn has a chance to step into a starting role on the outside and give the Yellow Jackets something different on offense. Yondjouen coming back will give Georgia Tech an experienced pass rusher on a defense that is hoping to make big improvements this season. Rutledge is one of Georgia Tech's top incoming transfers and should compete for a starting role up front. 

Stay tuned for more updates.