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This is an interesting read for history buffs about the history of Kansas high school football players in the NFL:

This got me thinking about the all time best Wildcat players from the state of Kansas, and I made a first and second team below. As this season has progressed, I've started thinking about how current players may factor in to this list. 

For this team I am only using players who were high school recruits, or players who transferred in from other four year schools, and went to high school in the state of Kansas.

1st team QB Lynn Dickey 1967-1970 Osawatomie

1st team RB Darren Sproles 2001-2004 Olathe

1st team FB Brian Goolsby 1995-1998 Dodge City

1st team WR Jordy Nelson 2004-2007 Riley

1st Team WR Chris Harper 2010-2012 Wichita

1st Team TE Justin Swift 1995-1998 Overland Park

1st Team OL Scott Frantz 2016-2019 Lawrence

1st Team OL Cody Whitehair 2012-2015 Abilene

1st Team OL BJ Finney 2011-2014 Andale

1st Team OL Andy Eby 1998-2001 Olathe

1st Team OL Nick Stringer 2006-2009 Topeka

1st Team DE Nyle Wiren 1993-1994 Wichita

1st Team DE Monty Beisel 1997-2000 Douglass

1st Team DT Will Geary 2014-2017 Topeka

1st Team DT Justin Montgomery 1999-2003 Smith Center

1st Team LB Mark Simoneau 1996-1999 Smith Center

1st Team LB Gary Spani 1974-1977 Manhattan

1st Team LB Arthur Brown 2011-2012 Wichita

1st Team CB Terence Newman 1999-2002 Salina

1st Team CB Thomas Randolph 1990-1993 Manhattan

1st Team S Lamar Chapman 1996-1999 Liberal

1st Team S John McGraw 1998-2001 Riley

2nd Team QB Steve Grogan 1971-1974 Ottawa

2nd Team RB Veryl Switzer 1950-1953 Nicodemus

2nd Team RB Alex Barnes 2016-2018 Pittsburgh

2nd Team FB Braden Wilson 2009-2012 Smith Center

2nd Team WR Curry Sexton 2011-2014 Abilene

2nd Team WR Deante Burton 2013-2016 Manhattan

2nd Team TE Russ Campbell 1988-1991 Wichita

2nd Team OL Mike Orr 1989-1992 Paola

2nd Team OL Logan Robinson 2004-2007 Agra

2nd Team OL Jordan Bedore 2005-2008 Goodland

2nd Team OL Boston Stiverson 2012-2015 Andover

2nd Team OL John Robertson 1998-2001 Olathe

2nd Team DL Ian Campbell 2005-2008 Cimarron

2nd Team DL Trey Dishon 2016-2019 Horton

2nd Team DL Dirk Ochs 1992-1995 Overland Park

2nd Team DL Ryan Mueller 2011-2014 Overland Park

2nd Team LB Brooks Barta 1989-1992 Smith Center

2nd Team LB DeShawn Fogle 1993-1996 Chapman

2nd Team LB Travis Ochs 1995-1998 Overland Park

2nd Team CB Morgan Burns 2012-2015 Wichita

2nd Team DB Marcus Watts 2004-2007 Hays

2nd Team S Ty Zimmerman 2010-2013 Junction City

2nd Team S Rashad Washington 2000-2003 Wichita