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John Holcombe should have been the next QB1 - now, he'll play somewhere else

John Holcombe announced this week that he'll be transferring from Kansas State - this is the result of Skylar Thompson clearly excelling as the QB1, and Coach Chris Klieman's commitment to him.

We wrote over the summer about how John Holcombe was the future of the QB1 position for Kansas State. 

Now, Holcombe will suit up for a different program in 2020 and Kansas State fans will be left wondering what he would have looked like leading the program in 2021. 

Here was the thing about Holcombe - he was a bigger, stronger, more talented version of Skylar Thompson with incredible athleticism and arm strength. 

The problem, of course, was that Skylar Thompson is two years ahead of him in terms of development and had clearly established himself as the starting quarterback not only for the duration of this season, but also for next year as well. 

While it is disappointing for the Wildcats that Holcombe chose to pursue other opportunities rather than be patient and learn from Thompson - one could hardly blame him for choosing to do so. 

Holcombe will undoubtedly receive scholarship offers from other D1 programs and, much like Alex Delton last summer, will almost certainly compete for a starting job during Spring Ball and could very well win. I'm sure that the ability to be a starting quarterback will be a primary focus in his recruitment. 

Wildcat fans should be sad to see Holcombe go - and now it looks like for now at least that Nick Ast will be the QB1-in-waiting in Manhattan.