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Skylar Thompson - 2020 Heisman Candidate

Skylar Thompson has been the biggest benefactor of the transition in to the Chris Klieman candidate - so much so that he'll be a top ten Heisman candidate going in to the 2020 season.

Skylar Thompson is off to a great start for the Kansas State Wildcats in 2019. Through four games he has 604 yards and four touchdowns through the air, and has added another 91 yards and two touchdowns on the ground. 

No player on the team has benefited more from the arrival of Kansas State coach Chris Klieman than Thompson. 

Thompson spent his first two years in Manhattan sharing time with Alex Delton among others. This not only hurt his development, it also made it impossible for him to develop any consistency or rhythm. 

While the Oklahoma State game was a bit of a letdown - it would be difficult to compel anyone who watched the game that the blame should fall at the feet of Thompson. 

This year is a exciting for Wildcats fans with the fast start and the new coaching staff. But next year should be even better - as Thompson continues to develop and the team continues to gel around the new system.