Which Would You Take: A Win Against Oklahoma Or A Win Against Kansas?

Casey Cassel

On my commute home today, John Kurtz and Mason Voth were debating a fantastic question on 1350 KMAN The Game. The question was: if you could choose a win against Oklahoma or a win next week against Kansas, which would you choose? 

I think it's a fantastic question and one that I think K-State fans need to think about. I am someone that wants to see K-State move up from the recent middle-tier status within the Big 12 to be a perennial conference championship contender. I also want that elusive national championship that HOF head coach Bill Snyder never got a rightful shot at. 

So for me, my initial reaction was: give me the top 5 win over OU. Like the Mississippi State win earlier this year, it's an opportunity to help jumpstart the program. It's on national TV, the highlights and exposure would be huge. The Sooners have a ridiculous road winning streak - not only have they not lost in Manhattan in a long time, but they've also won 25 straight true road games. It would look fantastic on the national scale and would be a more impactful win for recruiting. 

But here's the argument: Ron Prince had some big wins in his time at K-State. Some huge upsets, most notably over #4 Texas in 2006. But consider this: Ron Prince went 0-9 against Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. Three of the most hated programs by Wildcat fans - not to mention that Bill Snyder had significant success against them. 

Yes, Oklahoma is absolutely the splashier win in the grand scheme of things. But Chris Klieman is here to build a program the right way. He's not here to be BOLD and DARING. He's not stomping up and down the sideline. He's not here for the big splash victory. Would he take it? Absolutely. But I don't think he would take it over beating fellow 1st-year head coach Les Miles. 

I don't think there's a way around it: beating KU is the more important win. 

Agree/Disagree? Leave a comment! 

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A little revisionist here - but I'll take OU :)

Actually a loss this weekend to KU would now be heartbreaking.

Mr K
Mr K

Without a doubt, KU. We need to win the ones we should win. OU would certainly be an upset. Never want to lose to the Jaybirds!


OU for sure

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