Meet your 2019 recruit: Clyde Price, Running Back, Missouri

Kelly Thompson

Clyde price is a tall, powerful back from North Kansas City, Missouri who will be joining the Kansas State Wildcat football team in the Fall of 2019. 

At 6'1", 220lbs, Price is bigger than most of the running backs on Kansas State's roster. And, you can see in the way that he runs that he's powerful and has long strides that make it easier for him to run past defenders. 

While not in the top 100 nationally in running back rankings, and only the 34th ranked prospect in Missouri, Price has good balance and vision that should translate well to Big 12 level football. 

Price received offers from a slew of non-Power 5 schools, but ultimately came to Kansas State as a way to play at the highest level. In doing so, he turned down offers from Bowling Green, Illinois State, Missouri State, South Dakota and others. 

Price will join a highly competitive backfield in Manhattan, but will get a chance to compete this Fall for playing time. HIs true impact is more likely to be felt down the road - but there is a chance we see him on the field this Fall. 

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I could see his impact down the road like you, Kelly. But you can bet this kid is hungry to play in big time football. I'm sure all the non Power-5 teams were promising early playing time.