SEC Sets Tournament Bracket, LSU Basketball To Play Ole Miss or South Carolina

Tigers to play late game Friday night on SEC Network
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The SEC released the 2021 SEC tournament bracket on Sunday, meaning that the Tigers know who their first tournament opponent will be. The purple and gold will face the winner of the Ole Miss-South Carolina game on Friday evening. 


The Tigers beat both Ole Miss and South Carolina during the regular season. LSU beat the Rebels on the road twice this past season while also knocking off South Carolina at home 85-80.

After LSU's season finale win over Missouri, coach Will Wade talked about the importance of advancing in the tournament as it's something the program has not done during his tenure. 

"I'm very aware of how poor we've been in the SEC Tournament. These last three or four years, we've been able to push away a lot of things that've really been a problem for us," Wade said. "This has been one of the issues we just haven't been able to push away. We haven't been able to win in this tournament and we take this thing seriously. We're going to be ready to go in Nashville. We're excited about going to the tournament. It's a point of pride for us.

"We hadn't played in the championship in forever so just winning a game here is a big deal for us. Something that we're going to prepare for. When we get ready to go at 8, 8:30 on Friday night, we'll be one of five teams left in this thing. We're going to give it our all and do what we can to try to reverse some of the bad history in this deal."