2022 Safety Chace Biddle’s Electric Speed, Size Makes Him an Intriguing Option for LSU Football

Biddle talks about LSU offer and why his 4.38 speed is just the tip of the iceberg
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When you're one of the elite safeties in the state of Texas, naturally you gravitate towards the elite talent surrounding you. That was the case for 2022 safety recruit Chace Biddle and LSU commit Bryce Anderson.

Biddle and Anderson are the No. 2 and No. 3 ranked safeties in the state of Texas according to 247Sports and have had an open dialogue with one another in regards to their recruitment process, despite being on opposite ends of the field.

"When you're the top safety, you know other good people to," Biddle said. "We've played 7v7 against each other. We talked a little bit here and there. He didn't get too deep into him choosing to go there but he said it was a great school."

Biddle was in the car with his family back on April 8 when he got the news that LSU wanted to speak with him. He picked up the phone and called defensive line coach Bill Johnson.

"We talked for a little while and he said he liked my film and then, boom he offered me," Biddle said. "It was definitely an exciting moment for me. They really like how I come down hill and how aggressive I am and also the energy I bring to the game."

So what kind of energy does Biddle bring to the game that has left top notch programs like LSU, Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama, Auburn and Baylor intrigued by his talents? 

"I feel like my teammates really rally around me just because I can be a leader, I can turn it on and turn it off," Biddle said. "I feel like I can make an impact on the field through my aggressive nature and my teammates really feed off of that."

Since the coronavirus outbreak, Biddle mentioned that he's having to play a little bit of catchup in the weight room. While he has certainly done his best to stay in peak physical condition, now that gyms are starting to open back up in Texas, it makes for a much easier full body workout.

Biddle is trying to be the best safety in the country and the Garland, Texas native spends hours every week working out with his trainer. The two will lift weights but most importantly, in Biddle's mind, work on technique, mainly footwork and backpedaling. 

"I think in my game, that's the most I need to work on," Biddle said. "I feel like I'm an all around safety. I can play deep or closer to the line of scrimmage in the nickel. I'm fast but I also have the size too. It fools people because I don't think people expect me to move the way I can move."

At 6-foot-1, 190 pounds, Biddle was clocked at a 4.38 40-yard dash as a sophomore at his school. Garland High School plays Biddle all over the field with speed like his, having him return kickoffs and play receiver as well.

Biddle knows about the history of LSU and its secondary as he's watched a ton of Jamal Adams and most recently, Grant Delpit. Delpit of course was somebody that made a name for himself with explosive plays near the line of scrimmage while Adams' aggressive nature continually caught the eye of a younger Biddle.

"He sees you, he's going to hunt you down," Biddle said of Adams. "I like how Grant is more of a blitz guy, somebody that can make plays in the back field and you don't see him coming. I believe I have that ballhawk, playmaking ability that both of those guys have."

Playing for a school like LSU has always been the dream for Biddle and he's thought about what it'd be like to one day suit up for the national champs. 

"It would be a dream come true to know that you're playing for a team that's sending out major athletes, that's sending players to the NFL," Biddle said. "The fact that I could be one of those people one day is something that I think about."