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Film Study: 2021 LSU Commit Deion Smith's Game Changing Speed Will Earn Him Playing Time Early

Smith’s long frame will help him contribute right away for Tigers in 2021

LSU already wrapped up the commitment of Mississippi native Deion Smith. The explosive athlete will bring a wide variety of skills to Baton Rouge.

Some players possess a level of speed that can change a game. That’s what college coaches seek, and it’s often what separates a good player from a potentially great one. One of LSU’s current commitments will be bringing that type of talent to Baton Rouge, and the first thing that stands out about him is one LSU fans will enjoy.

Sheer speed. Deion Smith provided it last season, and it’s already elite level speed. Soon as the football leaves the center’s hand, Smith explodes into his route. This would be a tall and long player. Smith’s speed should not be considered normal for such a big player.

Whenever there’s a true burner at wide receiver, college coaches take notice. That’s part of what Smith did on the gridiron thus far during his high school career, but there’s more to this young man’s game.

The rangy 6-foot-2, 180-pound wide receiver from Jackson (Miss.) Provine possesses some of the best stop-and-start moves of any tall wide receiver in the country. Smith often defeated cornerbacks when making stop-and-go moves during the route or after he caught the ball. It’s impressive. It’s another prime trait for Smith which will grab even a casual football fan’s attention.

Finally, Smith played aggressively. He took the football away from defenders. As a rule, jump balls ended up with Smith, not the defensive back. Smith played with an aggression that will translate to the Southeastern Conference.

Now let’s take a look at a few of Smith’s highlights that demonstrated his overall football talent.

Whenever a wide receiver goes all the way across the field during a screen, it can be taken by viewers two separate ways. First, that’s generally a no-no. Too difficult, too many defenders to overcome. Then again, Smith’s talents overwhelmed defenders during the majority of the 2019 football season. Let us not forget, these are Mississippi players, and that’s a lot of talent in the Magnolia State.

Watch as Smith exploded back across the formation, making defenders miss, and nearly taking it all the way. This type of raw talent does not generally come with such a long frame.

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Smith also proved he could make big plays in the red zone. This traditional fade pass failed to quite reach the back corner or the end zone like a wide receiver would prefer. No problem. Smith out-maneuvered the cornerback and snatched the football out of the air.

This play also provided insight into just how long Smith’s arms would be. He will be a weapon when LSU enters the red zone.

From a short touchdown, to a long touchdown, Smith utilized his stop-and-start skills to set up the cornerback for a double move. After setting up the double move, watch Smith hit the jets and blow by the defender. Now that’s speed.

Smith made the grab and was headed for pay dirt. That’s the type of play LSU’s offense likes to utilize as well.

To finish, Smith provided explosive speed and moves as a kickoff return man. It’s phenomenal how quickly this young man changed direction, yet, did not break stride. Watch him make the defender miss in the middle of the field.

Smith just kept going towards the end zone. He never broke stride. This young wide receiver could help the Tigers during special teams opportunities.

Here’s a look at Smith’s entire Hudl film.

There’s really no part of Smith’s game to not be excited about. He’s tall, rangy, twitchy, fast, and aggressive. The LSU Tigers landed one of the nation’s most explosive offensive weapons with Smith.