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Film Review: What Is LSU Football Getting In Newest Inside Linebacker Navonteque Strong?

Strong has potential to be next great find in the JUCO ranks for purple and gold

There are only so many middle linebackers that possess the capabilities of stuffing the run and playing man coverage. LSU found its middle linebacker to do both with Navonteque Strong.

The Tigers do not hit the JUCO ranks hard, as a rule. When a talent like Ali Gaye comes along, however, LSU goes after him. After Gaye was one of LSU’s best front seven defenders, he proved why LSU coach Ed Orgeron and his staff wanted him. This recruiting class brings another top defensive talent from the junior college ranks.

Navonteque Strong is built physically and mentally to play middle linebacker in the 4-3 defense that LSU plays. Powerful frame, good lateral quickness, sudden, and quite instinctive best describe Strong and his middle linebacker traits.

Any middle linebacker worth watching can fend off an interior offensive lineman and make a stop at the line of scrimmage. In fact, it’s a must. All of the true middle linebacker physical and mental traits come into play.

In a span of roughly three seconds after the snap of the football, Strong displayed his skills as he immediately diagnosed the play, covered ground towards the ball carrier, avoided the offensive lineman with his lateral quickness, and finally sprung into the ball carrier after making a lateral movement. That’s about as good as it can get.

While some plays are complicated like the one above, sometimes a player takes a chance. In this next play, Strong shot the backside A gap in an effort to chase down the ball carrier from behind. It’s risky, yes. Strong’s football instincts allowed him to read the play quickly before exploding into the backfield. With Strong’s open-field speed, the running back really did not possess much of a chance for there. A good form tackle ended the play.

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This final clip proves that Strong understands how to blitz the quarterback. Perhaps just as importantly, it shows his superior athletic prowess as he comes full bore into the backfield, the quarterback moves to his right, and as Strong continues full tilt he turns the corner and tackles the quarterback for a sack. This level of athleticism is rare.

Many people do not yet know about Strong, but they soon will. This is not your typical linebacker. All the physical and mental traits already provided, and he’s used to playing top junior college competition. This is a player that can come in and start for LSU.

Yes, Strong must earn his starting role, but it’s hard to imagine him not making an immediate impact in Baton Rouge. The film makes it obvious as to how good he truly already became, and he’s only going to be better once he’s in LSU’s program.

To fully understand how good this young man is one must watch a lot of his film. Here is the link to Strong’s film:

It’s well worth one’s time to take a close look at how he plays regardless of situation. He’s an impressive talent and LSU is fortunate to have him coming to Baton Rouge.