Film Review: What is LSU Football Getting in 2021 Defensive Line Commit Naquan Brown?

Brian Smith

There’s no replacement for speed. With the commitment of Naquan Brown, LSU just upgraded its speed at the defensive end position.

Take the speed regardless of what region of the country it comes from. LSU went all the way to Virginia to land its latest commitment, and it’s time is well invested.

The Tidewater area of Virginia produces an impressive amount of talent. LSU has been recruiting the area more during the past few years, and with the commitment of Naquan Brown, perhaps the Tigers will start to consistently reel in top Tidewater prospects, and perhaps even Virginia prospects overall.

Brown is intriguing because he’s still growing into his body. He could play several different positions. In fact, he plays defensive end for Virginia Beach (Va.) Ocean Lakes, but he also plays wide receiver.

Yes, wide receiver.

Despite Brown’s exploits at wide receiver, it’s his natural bend, elite first step, and overall athleticism as a defensive end that LSU coach Ed Orgeron and his staff desired. The footage is impressive.

Sometimes a prospect’s ability is plain as day. During this first clip, the 6-foot-3, 205-pound defensive end gains excellent outside leverage by way of his quickness, using a great hand swipe, dips his shoulder as he turns the corner and finishes with the sack.

Looked like a Dwight Freeney type of move. The first step set up everything else. Still, the hand swipe and dip around the corner also catches a coach’s eye.

This next play enables fans to see how offenses attempt to slow down elite athletes like Brown. By way of the read option, the quarterback carried out a fake. Brown adjusted very quickly and crashed down on the running back.

Alertness, quick reaction, and great tackle by Brown. This type of mental awareness will allow him to adjust to the college game quicker than many other defensive ends. Oftentimes defensive ends simply guess instead of reading their assignment keys. Brown did a great job of executing mentally and physically.

One of the most difficult, yet potent, defensive lineman moves would be the stab move. It’s basically just like it sounds. It’s a stiff arm to the chest of the offensive lineman where the defensive player gains leverage and dictates where he takes the offensive lineman.

It’s hard to get inside the hands of the offensive lineman, but if that does happen, what you will see in this next clip often ends up being the result. Brown’s quick hands helped him get his left hand to the chest of this unfortunate offensive tackle. Then, he leaned into the opposing player and pushed him towards the signal caller. The quarterback is worse for wear after that juncture.

This final clip simply displayed Brown’s physical prowess. This is the ol’ throw it up and see what happens play. Completely ill-advised, but it worked out. Brown made a great catch in the middle of the end zone. Remember the part about Brown playing wide receiver? Here you go.

Notice Brown’s length and agility. He’s a big body that can move his feet. While defense is his future home, this play helps a person understand his physical ability.

While Brown may not make an immediate impact while gaining weight and getting stronger, he’s certainly a candidate to play on special teams and in special situations from the time he walks on LSU’s campus. One simply cannot teach his speed, nor his overall athleticism.

LSU will likely play him at defensive end, but do not discount the notion of linebacker, at least situationally, so that he can blitz and play downhill. Regardless of where Brown plays, he’s an elite athlete that brings speed to the LSU program.