2021 Tight End Gunnar Helm is Exploding Onto the Scene, Talks Recent Offer From LSU Football

Glen West

The last few weeks, 2021 tight end Gunnar Helm's recruitment has exploded onto the scene. In the last month, Helm has received scholarship offers from Alabama, Ole Miss, Georgia, Penn State, UNLV and of course, LSU. 

"It's definitely been crazy, I mean it took off right after the season so there really hasn't been a whole lot of slowing down which is good for me," Helm said. "Every offer is honoring but to get that recognition from LSU and Ole Miss and Georgia in recent weeks has been really exciting."

Currently a three-star prospect according to 247Sports, Helm is taking the recent soar in interest as a blessing because before last season, there wasn't much interest being shown in his ability. The 6-foot-5, 225-pound rising senior was surprised that his recruitment took off the way that it did after the 2019 season, mainly because Helm feels his junior season wasn't all that special.

"I didn't think I had that big a year last season but for LSU, Alabama, Georgia and all of those big SEC schools to offer me but I guess they liked what they saw," Helm said. 

As a result, Helm is planning to take his official visits this summer, with all of the SEC schools that have offered him in recent weeks on the list. Helm's main source of contact at LSU has been analyst Derek Shay, who was hired from McNeese State in late February just a little over a month ago. 

"Coach Shay literally texted me and told me to call him, so I did and that's when he offered me," Helm said. "It was a pretty quick process but I got on the phone with him and we just kind of talked and caught up. He talked about the university and how he wanted to get me down there as soon as possible."

Helm is actually pretty new to the tight end position as the 2019 season was the first time he'd played tight end after being a receiver all of his life. As a result, there are a few aspects of the position he's still learning and trying to develop.

"I really pride myself on being a good blocker because that's such a crucial part of the tight end position," Helm said. "But I've never had to block much in the past so I'm really taking it upon myself to get better at that this season. I know that coaches know I can run routes and catch the ball so it's about getting better as a blocker this season."

For a recruit like Helm, with no ties to the school as a native of Englewood, Colorado, the LSU and SEC brand is what resonates with him. Helm grew up watching college football on Saturdays and always considered the SEC and LSU to be the epicenter of college football.

"I mean I'm ecstatic just getting the offer from LSU," Helm said. "I looked at the SEC like it was the NFL. I remember thinking there's no chance I'll be able to play in the SEC just because no one from Colorado ever goes to the SEC."