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How LSU Football is Attacking Recruiting Over Bye Week

Tigers coaching staff set to hit recruiting trail this week, message won’t change

Ed Orgeron has been on record ever since it was announced a week ago that he wouldn't be returning to LSU after the 2021 season, that wouldn't stop him from recruiting for the Tigers. 

This 2022 class, which started out on fire out of the gate has significantly cooled in recent months and news of Orgeron's impending departure could only further muddy the waters. That's why this bye week, for as strange as it might be for this coaching staff and the current crop of recruits, is extremely important for the future of the program.

LSU is holding very light practices on Tuesday and Wednesday before coaches start hitting the road for recruiting on Thursday and Friday. For Orgeron, he's treating this bye week like he has any other in terms of recruiting scheduling and what the goals are when hitting the road during the season.

"Evaluation, you can't talk to the guys, you gotta take care of Louisiana first. We're going to Louisiana, we're going to see some key players in Houston," Orgeron said. "We go to the school, talk to the guidance counselor, check their grades, ask their coach how they're doing. Maybe see a workout but definitely see a game.

"I think it's more or less being visible and No. 2, evaluate some prospects out there. A lot of the prospects we're seeing are committed to us or have an offer from us. So it's just a matter of recruiting but obviously, can't talk to them."

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The message certainly won't hit the same with recruits but Orgeron's message will stay consistent. Currently nine of the 14 commits in the 2022 class reside in Louisiana and while there's still plenty of work in not only keeping them but adding to this class, Orgeron believes in the LSU brand and what it means for many of the local players in the state. 

Orgeron and this coaching staff have been recruiting these high school players for a few years now so his point all along is "why should the message change now?"

"I tell them that I recruited them to come to LSU and LSU is still the same, that I want them to come to LSU. I still think LSU is going to be a great place for them and I told the athletic director I'm going to recruit for LSU until the day I'm not here and probably some after," Orgeron said.  

Since day one of accepting the full time job back in 2017, one of the main points Orgeron has made sure to hammer home is his inability to have a bad day while being the man in charge of the LSU football program. Being from Louisiana, it's a message that hits close to home for a number of these high school prospects. 

While Orgeron might not be beind the wheel when they get to Baton Rouge, staying home and suiting up for the hometown Tigers is an opportunity many Louisiana prospects want to take advantage of.

"I've always believed in LSU, especially if you're a young man from Louisiana, this is the best school for you to come at," Orgeron said. "I whole heartedly believe that and I won't back off of that."