Former LSU Quarterback Joe Burrow Shines on Thursday Night Football Against Former Tigers

Glen West

Another week and another strong performance from former LSU quarterback Joe Burrow, who set another NFL record during the Cincinnati Bengals 35-30 loss to the Cleveland Browns on Thursday night.

In the week two performance, Burrow became the first rookie quarterback since 1950 to throw 60+ passes in a game without an interception. In addition his 37 completions were the most by a rookie quarterback in a single game in NFL history.

For the evening Burrow, went 37-of-61 for 316 yards and three touchdowns. It was another stellar performance for the rookie Burrow but it’s becoming painfully obvious that he’ll be running for his life for most of the season.

Even with his slippery poise in the pocket, Burrow was sacked three times and hit countless more on the evening. With that being said, he did throw his first touchdown of the year in the second quarter and answered the Browns on multiple occasions to keep his team in the game.

“Losing isn’t very fun,” Burrow said. “This might be the only time in my sporting career that I have lost two games in a row. It doesn’t feel very good. I know that the guys in there are hurting. We are going to come back to work tomorrow and try to get this thing right.

He wasn’t able to get the ball down the field most of the game mainly because there was no time to make the proper reads. Just how successful he’ll be this season entirely depends on how the o-line can hold up but in two games he’s taken a 2-14 team a year ago and made them competitive, albeit against two underwhelming teams.

“I will never adjust or accept losing,” Burrow added. “That is just something that is not in my mindset so this 0-2 start is really hurting me

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No. 1-1

His o-line and the defense both were garbage. Sucks the best guys end up on the worst teams to begin their careers.