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Cornerback Marcus Scott II Adds Speed and Versatility to LSU Football Roster

Scott one of the newest additions to the LSU secondary after stretch of commitments and decommitments

For LSU to get back to national prominence, it needed to continue to add playmakers in the secondary. Texas product Marcus Scott II is a great addition to the 2022 LSU recruiting class.

It’s hard to find cornerbacks that can flip and run while being fluid. It’s even harder to find those players that stand at least six feet tall. Marcus Scott II provides both attributes, and he’s listed at 6-foot-2, 170-pounds.

Playing in the greater Houston area, Scott plays against many talented wide receivers. He’s challenged each time he steps on the gridiron. His savvy style of play whether in man or zone, was useful against many wide receivers.

Amongst many attributes, The Woodlands (Texas) College Park prospect uses his natural football instincts well and it could allow him to make a quick transition to SEC play. That savviness, knowing when to jump and deflect a pass, when to undercut a route and go for the interception, it’s a huge factor in playing defensive back.

Make a mental error against today’s wide receivers and it can be a touchdown. Scott provides the ability to make good decisions and allow his natural ability to be showcased.

This first highlight clip shows Scott trailing during a fade pass into the corner of the end zone. He was beat near the line of scrimmage but did not panic. Scott turned and sprinted for the wide receiver and timed his jump quite well to cause an incomplete pass.

While Scott’s physical talent was displayed, it’s his football instinct that saved a touchdown. Excellent anticipation by the young defensive back. Combining his football IQ and athleticism bodes well for LSU.

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This next highlight shows Scott once again using his athleticism at the very end of the play, while also making an intelligent football play. It’s an under thrown deep pass. These are the plays when defensive backs often fail to gain an interception because of poor technique, anticipation, and poor use of hand-eye coordination to make the interception..

Scott stayed with the wide receiver until the end of the play, and he went underneath the wide receiver to be in the best position to reach the football. Excellent timing with his jump and he actually made the catch. Too many defensive backs drop easy catches like this and miss turnover opportunities. Scott capitalized.

Sometimes a player simply needs to execute what’s provided to him. Scott absolutely took advantage of the following pass deflection and immediately turned into an offensive threat. As noted above, when there’s a turnover to be had, a defensive back must capitalize.

The football deflects towards Scott, he gathers it cleanly, and transitioned into a player looking to score. That’s exactly how a defensive back coach wants it done. Do not waste time. Here’s your chance to score, make it happen.

LSU landed a really gifted all-around football player with Scott. He’s fluid in his hips, has a great open-field gear, jumps well, and provides excellent length. Overall, he’s as physically talented as a SEC coach could want. Those are still not his only qualities.

Scott’s ability to maximize his physical prowess is what enabled him to receive an LSU offer. There are many very gifted defensive backs, but not all of them will enter college football with Scott’s football IQ. That’s very important.

Here’s a look at Scott’s junior highlights. Whether in man or zone, this young man continuously made plays. The Tigers landed a very talented prospect and one that will help rebuild the overall LSU defense.