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LSU Coach Ed Orgeron Comments on Job Status, Focus on Remaining Positive Through Difficult Stretch

Orgeron remaining positive through outside noise and .500 season

Immediately following LSU's loss in Lexington, Ed Orgeron was asked about the morale of the program and what needs to change. Personally, Orgeron doesn't allow himself to have bad days while he's the coach of the purple and gold. 

He knows what a unique position he's in. But an 8-8 record over the last two seasons has completely flipped the future of the LSU program on its side. So when Monday's press conference came rolling around, it wasn't surprising that the conversation really wasn't steered towards LSU's next opponent Florida.

Instead the press conference was steered towards the recent struggles and the deafening outside noise outside of the program. Orgeron was asked about his job status multiple times throughout the 20 minute interview with media members. At this time, Orgeron has not been approached about his future as the LSU coach with anyone from the athletic administration. 

"No not at all. That's for me to handle, nobody's talked to me about my job status," Orgeron said. "I haven't had any discussions about it, as far as I know I'm the head coach of the LSU Tigers and that's all that matters."

Orgeron doesn't let himself get distracted by the outside noise, which has been consistent with his M.O. even during the best of times two years ago during that national championship run. While his future with the program has been the topic of conversation for well over a week now, it's something he doesn't want to approach with his players, with the sole focus being on preparing for Florida. 

"I can go in and read everything you guys write, I could take about an hour and read that stuff and tell them about it. I don't listen to all that stuff," Orgeron said. "The best thing for me to do is be very positive, understand the expectation at LSU. I will say this and say it again, no one has to tell me about the LSU expectation. I understand this is not the LSU standard of performance, I get it totally. I know exactly where I'm at and I'm going to work as hard as I can today and won't blink."

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Ultimately Orgeron knows it's not up to him on what the future of the LSU football program will look like. That responsibility lies squarely on the shoulders of athletic director Scott Woodward, who was in attendance for the Kentucky game and has been at practice most days according to Orgeron.

"He's been great, comes and meets with me every Sunday," Orgeron said. "He's here at every practice, been very positive, been very encouraging every time I've met with him."

Orgeron is an old customer to rough patches. His career at Ole Miss was defined by failure and when he was snubbed for the head coaching job at USC, it was once again a hurdle he had to climb over. This is as tough a stretch as LSU has endured under Orgeron and based on past experiences alone, the now fifth year Tigers' coach says he's learned what not to do based on past experiences.

"The biggest thing is not react, go to work everyday, big chest, big eyes and be positive," Orgeron said. "I think the players feel that and they know that about me. Everybody knows what's going on, we don't need to talk about it. Our focus is on beating Florida."

Saturday night's game against the Gators is an opportunity for Orgeron and this team to start changing the narrative on what's a lost season for the program. 

Down multiple starters on both sides of the ball, it won't be an easy task to overcome but Orgeron is hopeful that his team will be able to "block out the noise" and put worth a winning gameplan and executing it to the fullest. 

"Playing Florida is obviously a rivalry game for LSU, we're going to be playing at home," Orgeron said. "They're a very good football team and it's going to be a tremendous challenge but I think it can put a little feel good back into the program."