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Report: LSU Football Analyst Russ Callaway Taking Job With New York Giants

Callaway spent one season at LSU as offensive analyst, was previously an offensive coordinator at Samford

LSU senior offensive analyst Russ Callaway is taking a position as an offensive assistant with the New York Giants, according to reporter Matt Zenitz. 

The loss of Callaway is significant for this staff as he was an offensive analyst during the 2020 season for the Tigers, working closely with then offensive coordinator Steve Ensminger. After the season, coach Ed Orgeron promoted him to senior offensive analyst, which would've given him more on field duties.

The Tigers still have analysts Jorge Munoz, Mark Hutson, Carter Sheridan, Collin D'Angelo, Tyler Tettleton and Tyler Spotts-Orgeron on the offensive side of the ball.

Callaway had experience in play calling, serving as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Samford before being hired by LSU prior to the 2020 season. Before spending five years as Samford's offensive coordinator, Callaway won back-to-back national championships at Alabama, where he assisted then defensive coordinator Kirby Smart with the linebackers.

In 2018, under Callaway's instruction, Samford led the FCS in passing yards and was given a tremendous stamp of approval from Orgeron immediately after being hired.

"He is tremendous," Orgeron told Off the Bench over the summer in 2020. "I think Russ is going to be a great coach in college football. He already proved himself at Samford and had one of the best offenses in the country.

As an analyst, Callaway worked closely with Ensminger, breaking down film and drawing up various adjustments the offense could make in order to run more efficiently. 

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"Russ works strictly with Coach Ensminger as the offensive coordinator, so he is making cut ups and breaking down film and knows all the offense and the adjustments Ensminger has to make," Orgeron said. "He puts them on paper and sits by Ensminger’s side all day. Those two work great together."

Photo courtesy of LSUsports.