LSU 2021 Quarterback Commit Garrett Nussmeier Talks Elite 11 Camp, His Role Improving the 2021 Class

Glen West

Though he's only been an LSU commit for just about three months, 2021 quarterback Garrett Nussmeier has moved on to the next step in the process, reaching out to uncommitted players and gauging their interest level in the Tigers. 

In the months since his commitment became official, Nussmeier has embraced that role, particularly being the quarterback of the class. He loves interacting with various players who have still yet to make a decision on their collegiate future.

"Being a quarterback, you're almost like a step down to the coaching staff recruiting wise. They kind of tell you who we're looking at, who to go after so that's a lot of fun,” Nussmeier said. “Trying to help guys come play with us and we have a really good core of commits right now who do a great job of reaching out to guys. It's paying off and I think we're gonna come out with a really, really big class."

One of the players Nussmeier reached out to and struck a friendship with was offensive tackle Garrett Dellinger, who committed to Ed Orgeron and company on Wednesday. 

"It was really cool getting to know Garrett and kind of give him a pitch as to why you should choose us," Nussemeier said. "I'm really excited. He's a really, really good kid, a really, really good football player. I feel a lot more comfortable knowing that I'll have him protecting me for four years."

The commits, of which LSU has 12 at the moment, are very close and hands on according to Nussmeier on trying to bring others aboard. There's a group chat among all of the commits to keep each other informed while also allowing them the chance to get to know each other a little better. 

Nussmeier hinted at two position groups that could turn out really well for the Tigers in 2021 if all goes according to plan, the receivers and the offensive line. In addition to Dellinger on the offensive line, LSU has landed a pair of commitments from speedy receivers JoJo Earle and Deion Smith, both top-100 players on 247Sports currently.

"We might end up signing the best wide receiver class in the country if it all shakes out the right way," Nussmeier said. "We should pull off one of the best o-line classes in the country as well and to me that's super exciting."

Since his commitment on May 4, Nussmeier has made it a point of emphasis to remain in contact with the LSU coaching staff and continue to build relationships and talk a little ball. 

"Whenever I have a question, they'll always give their opinion or their advice on it," Nussmeier said. "It's really good talking to coach O, to have another person to ask questions to and kind of talk about recruiting and stuff like that. It's a lot of fun and I have a great relationship with all of those guys."

The Elite 11 camp is set to kickoff next week and Nussmeier is one of 20 quarterbacks in the country that received an invite. The event is one of the more prestigious that is held during each recruiting cycle.

Over three days, Nussmeier will compete with the other quarterbacks in on-field testing and drills, routes on air, and off-field development. 

"I'm just gonna go and enjoy the experience, that's been a lifelong dream of mine," Nussmeier said.  "I'm a really competitive kid so anything I step into I expect to win. I never go into anything expecting to lose so obviously, the goal is to come up with the MVP. I'm sure that's everybody's goal that's going to be there, that's how most quarterbacks are. It's in our DNA, we want to compete, we want to be the best."

Nussmeier is no newbie to recruiting camps but admits the Elite 11 will have a very different feel in 2020. Most of the quarterback participants have already committed to schools so Nussmeier said it will be nice to just catch up and pick the brains of the various quarterbacks without the worry of a commitment hanging over their heads.

"I believe there's only three guys that are uncommitted, out of all 20 of us that will be at the camp so I'm really excited to see how it goes and just build relationships with the guys," Nussmeier said. 

Here's the scouting report on Nussmeier from SI All-American and what to expect from the talented senior out of Marcus High School. Get to know all 20 quarterbacks who will be competing here.

Scouting Report: Clearly the son of an NFL quarterbacks coach based on mechanics. Footwork and throwing motion are swift from start to finish and lead to big-time throws. Generates plenty of power to go deep with a good weight transfer and follow-through. Strong on roll-outs and throwing across his body. Looking for more timing throws across the short-middle, but does well on rhythm throws outside. Passes with plenty of touch, stands tall in the pocket and is willing to take a hit if a route is opening.

"I've always followed these Elite 11 and to be picked as one of the top-20 quarterbacks in the country is a blessing and a privilege and I'm super thankful for it," Nussmeier said. "It's a really hard camp, they're gonna push me to my limits, test my arm to the max. The thing I love about the Elite 11 and the way Trent Dilfer runs things is it's gonna help me become a better leader spiritually, mentally, physically and also a better quarterback overall on the X's and O's."

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Talk to Caleb Williams, Garrett! You can Never have too much QB talent!! LSU is The best place for developing kids with a great education and a great shot to Go on to the next Level! Good luck ,Have fun ,Stay safe.God Bless