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LSU coach Ed Orgeron on Next "Opponent" and Team Bye Week Plans

Orgeron thinks No. 1 ranking doesn't mean "a hill of beans"

As Tuesday's press conference rolled along, LSU coach Ed Orgeron repeatedly referred to the next "opponent" that the Tigers have on the schedule. 

Over the next week and a half, Orgeron and the players will be hearing the word "Alabama" a ton and Orgeron said it "gets old."

"We'll be talking about them for two weeks," Orgeron said. "It can get old talking about them period."

During this open bye week Orgeron wants to accomplish a few things, getting the players rested as much as possible while also working on the fundamentals that go into winning a football game of this magnitude.

Delpit, Stingley "fine" while the defensive line will be one short the rest of the year

When LSU secondary stars Grant Delpit and Derek Stingley both went down in the fourth quarter against Auburn, all LSU fans could do was hold their breath.

It turns out that neither injury is particularly serious as Stingley was seen in individual drills during Tuesday's practice while Delpit was sidelined by a "minor" ankle sprain.

"I think he's going to be fine, he had a little sprain," Orgeron said of Delpit. "Talking with Jack [Marucci] we expect him back at practice next week."

Orgeron hinted that, barring any setbacks of course, this will be the healthiest the Tigers will be going into a game all season.

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One player that will not be back at practice or available for the rest of the year is defensive end Justin Thomas, who withdrew from school and left the program due to "personal reasons."

Thomas appeared in five games in 2019, recording eight tackles including one sack.

There is hope that Thomas will be able to return in the Spring but no further details were given on his departure for the rest of the season.

Bye week all about LSU, not focusing on Alabama

This week in practice, not only getting the players healthy but practicing the fundamentals will anchor a large portion of the team's focus. Orgeron said a game like the one the Tigers have coming up, is typically won in the trenches, and cleaning up those 12 penalties the Tigers racked up Saturday will be a point of attack.

"Technique and fundamentals," Orgeron said. "You can get overhype, you can make the game too big which I don't think we do that here. We don't need to put anymore hype into this game than there's already going to be put into it."

Orgeron said the players haven't even begun looking at footage of Alabama and won't at all this week. The coaches on the other hand will be hard at work, devising the best possible gameplan for the Crimson Tide on Nov. 9.

"This is about LSU this week," Orgeron said. "It'll be more about LSU getting better at the fundamentals and then really next Monday is when we'll start preparing for our opponent with our team."

Orgeron was also asked about the Tigers now being ranked No. 1 in the country and provided a typical coach O answer.

"I think it's great for our university, it's great for our football team, it's great for the fans and I don't think it means a hill of beans," Orgeron said. "All of that's good but we know what's ahead of us."