Former LSU Cornerback Patrick Peterson Calls Derek Stingley the "Real Deal"

Glen West

Derek Stingley has received his fair share of preseason hype from national pundits, coaches and teammates alike ahead of the 2020 season. But the latest words of praise from former LSU All-American Patrick Peterson added fuel to the fire.

While making an appearance on CBS Sports’ All Things Covered podcast, Peterson called the LSU sophomore cornerback "the real deal."

“Stingley is the real deal,” Peterson said. “I had the opportunity to work out with Stingley last year, the year while I was suspended. I went to Baton Rogue and worked out a bit with the young boys. He got it. He came in with it. He’s special. You can tell," Peterson said. "As a freshman, you don’t see many freshmen stepping onto campus, becoming the man - not out of nowhere because we kind of knew that was going to happen - but the way he handled it, the way he carried himself throughout the process and continued to show up on big stages. He’s made for those moments. You can’t deny that. That’s greatness right there.”

During his true freshman season, Stingley was named a consensus All-American after a six interception season that saw him rank No. 2 nationally in passes defended (21). 

LSU safety JaCoby Stevens said on Tuesday that what makes Stingley a truly unique talent is that he hasn't lost his drive and determination to be great. Though he's established himself as unquestionably college football's best defensive back, he's always looking to improve.

"At the end of the day, no one can be a perfect player and Derek knows that," Stevens said. "That's the thing I've seen most from him, it's that hunger and that drive to be better. He knows he's not where he wants to be and he's still great. I feel like he's the best corner in the country. But he's not complacent and that's one thing I love about Derek, to not only be the best corner in college football but maybe two years from now in the NFL as well."

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