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No. 1 Prospect in 2022 Class Shemar Stewart Updates His Recruitment, Talks LSU Football

Stewart planning summer visit to Baton Rouge ahead of junior season

Some players simply possess the physical and mental ability to be great football players. Class of 2022 defensive end Shemar Stewart should be considered a top prospect in both regards.

In watching high school football for 30 years there are some great players to note. With that, it’s quite possible that Shemar Stewart would be the most impressive looking underclassmen witnessed by this set of eyes. The 6-foot-6, 240-pound defensive end plays for Miami (Fla.) Monsignor Edward Pace Catholic. It’s a 4A program going up against good competition.

When Stewart walks onto the field, he looks like a 25-year old man. That may not be his best asset, however. When one speaks with Stewart, he’s undoubtedly a polite and intelligent young man. He’s engaging and understands that he can be a special player.

Also keep in mind that Stewart did not love football from day one, even though he’s been playing since he was in fourth grade. He’s now making jumps in his development instead of taking steps. The Miami-area product can be as good as he desires. With that information in mind, combining the physical and mental would be why Stewart’s being offered scholarships left and right. Here’s the latest big offer for Stewart.

With a plethora of offers from programs such as LSU, Georgia, Florida, Michigan, Miami, Florida State, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Penn State, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Oregon, Syracuse, and South Carolina, Stewart will not be worrying about paying for college tuition. With that, Stewart was presented with a rapid fire.

This would be a series of schools mentioned, and Stewart simply commented with what first came to mind. Nothing more or less.

Keep in mind that Stewart, a class of 2022 prospect, cannot receive calls and texts from college coaches until September, per NCAA rules. Until then, he needs to call the institution to speak with coaches. Therefore, Stewart is only in the beginning of his knowledge about each college program that’s offered him.

Florida - “Good environment. I went to their junior day (March 7).”

Florida State - “Good coaches.”

Miami - “Good coaches. I know almost all of them. I’ve been to the Paradise Camp.”

Penn State - “Great culture. Defensive line is authentic. Good defensive line coach, good defensive line players.”

Texas A&M - “I think it’s a good program. I don’t know much about them.”

LSU - “Great program, great coaches, great all-around.”

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Ohio State - “Great defensive line, great defensive line coaches, great head coach, great atmosphere.”

Notre Dame - “Great environment.”

So what might one ask is all the hype about? Here’s a look at Stewart’s highlight video.

Before all of the COVID-19 outbreak happened, some of the programs that offered Stewart would have likely received him for a summer camp visit.

“LSU, Penn State….Georgia or Tennessee,” Stewart recalled of his summer camp itinerary. With all of the summer camps all but out of the question, Stewart is keeping busy by lifting and working on obtaining good grades.

He benches 275 and squats 500. Academically, Stewart holds a 3.3 core GPA. As for his 2020 season goals, he’s setting his standards high.

“Yeah, I’m trying to get over 20 sacks,” Stewart said calmly. With that confident goal, Stewart also knows he can get better for next season.

“Use my hands a little bit more,” was the first thing Stewart stated he needed to work towards. “I can be more explosive.”

As for his pass rushing style, Stewart often utilizes a cerebral approach.

“Sometimes, the reason I don’t go fast at first is to see what the offensive lineman is going to do. I want to read his hips to see where he’s leaning.”

Now, how often does a young man with two years of high school make such a statement? That’s an advanced way to think about playing defensive end. That’s not all he can do.

“I can run right by him (the offensive tackle).” Stewart also stated.

It’s fun to watch a talented young prospect grow on and off the gridiron. Stewart is a special prospect that has vast potential on the football field or in the classroom. Many college coaches will be especially interested in his development.