LSU AD Scott Woodward Addresses Football COVID-19 Cases, Says Coach Ed Orgeron “Too Transparent”

Glen West

LSU coach Ed Orgeron drew national headlines on Tuesday when he said that 'most' of the football team had contracted COVID-19. The face of the LSU program later walked back the initial statement, claiming he knows some of the players have caught the virus but not all. 

Despite the revised answer, the revelation was a bit of a stunner to many as LSU has not made it a point to release the number of cases within the program. Since the return of students to campus, the school has announced 754 positive cases. During Orgeron's press conference Tuesday, he said there are currently "three or four" players currently out due to COVID-19.

In a reported joint meeting with interim president Tom Galligan on Wednesday, LSU athletic director Scott Woodward said that Orgeron's comments on Tuesday were "a little too transparent." Woodward went on to say that he's proud of the protocols LSU and the SEC have implemented.

"I think our COVID protocol is robust and good, and the kids and their parents are happy with it," Woodward said. "I’m happy with it, and I think it speaks of how and what we’re doing things.

“The beauty of Coach O is that he’s transparent and honest to a fault. It’s a great thing. I think the vast majority of them [positive cases] have happened socially," Woodward said. "I don't think they received it at practice or in our weight room."

Also during the meeting with Galligan, Woodward said that he hasn't put an exact number out but that he expects the athletic department will lose "tens of millions of dollars." 

Of the thousands of season ticket holders, senior associate athletic director Robert Munson said on After Further Review Wednesday that 72% elected to opt out of the 2020 season. Munson said the hope is for remaining ticket holders who did not opt out of the season would be able to get at minimum two tickets a piece.

LSU is set to allow 25% capacity into Tiger Stadium this season, with the option of adjusting strict gameday protocols based on how the adjustment goes. There are some in the medical field who believe that allowing fans in the stadium would cause a "super spread" while others believe that fans in the stadiums can be done safely with proper protocols in place.

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Coach O is honest almost to a fault. Just dial it back is Woodward is saying


The real story here is how all of these people think that it is any of their business who or how many football players have had Covid. Do they release information on how many have the flu, ear infections or diarrhea? Get a life

Bonnie Guillory
Bonnie Guillory

Woodward can go if he thinks dishonesty is the best policy for LSU--Coach O to be commended for telling the truth. Hopefully LSU is telling the truth about how many positive cases at LSU as a whole--to lie and endanger students and community members lives is deplorable.