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2022 Recruit Malik Agbo Updates Recruitment, Message from LSU Football on Sept. 1

Agbo says bond with LSU staff among the closest he has in recruiting
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Malik Agbo is one of the premier offensive tackles in the 2022 class and has a strong, growing relationship with the LSU staff. At 6-foot-6, 312 pounds, Agbo just turned 16 in early July so it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why teams are excited about his potential. 

The Tigers were one of the many teams who reached out to Agbo on Sept. 1, the first day that college programs were allowed to contact prospects in the 2022 class. Offensive line coach James Cregg reached out to Agbo and the program sent some edits to him as well.

"It's been good, me and coach Cregg have been building a good relationship from the first time we talked," Agbo said. "They sent me a couple of edits saying that I would look good in an LSU Tiger uniform and it's pretty cool getting to know them and have that opportunity to be able to play for those guys."

The relationship Agbo has with Cregg as well as coach Ed Orgeron is among the strongest he has with any coaches in the country. 

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"They don't just talk about football because some college coaches they just talk about straight football," Agbo said. "These guys, they talk about life, they talk about academics and all of the things. You can only play the game for so long so knowing you're going to a place where the coaching staff supports you outside of footballl is great.

"Not a lot of coaches do what they do and I take notice of that and I like it a lot. The next time I go down there they want me to try some cajun food because I haven't tried it yet. It never gets old talking with those guys."

Agbo is still in the process of hearing teams out and has earned over double digit offers heading into an important junior season. In regards to what he hopes to see out of the LSU program in 2020, particularly after all of the departures, is consistency.

"I just want to see how they respond because I've been looking on social media and I've seen a lot of stuff on 'They won't be as good this year' and I'm looking forward to see how they respond," Agbo said.