LSU 2021 Tight End Target Thomas Fidone Set to Make Commitment Decision Wednesday

Fidone talks about LSU and where things stand in their recruitment of him

Top 2021 tight end Thomas Fidone is set to make his commitment on Wednesday. Fidone recently spoke with SI All-American to preview his impending decision and touched on his LSU recruitment.

Fidone will be considering LSU, Nebraska, Michigan and Iowa.


"It's LSU, great program. Coach [Derek] Shay  probably built one of the best relationships with me. Definitely a top tier relationship with them. LSU puts out players, they had the No. 1 amount of players in the draft and also they're national champs. They're doing something right over there and I think I could play pretty early at LSU. The tight end from last year, Arik Gilbert, they moved him to wide receiver and they're looking for a 'Y' and that would be me." 

Here’s Fidone’s SI All-American player profile and scouting report:

Long and lean. Average width in chest and shoulders. Budding muscle. Slender lower half, with tightly-wound trunk. Plenty of room to add good mass at next level.

Athleticism: Elite short-area quickness. Rare ability to get in and out of cuts for big man. Good long speed; easy strider. Excellent hands. Impressive aerial body control, high-pointing and contorting to football. Adequate play strength at best.

Instincts: Innate ability to track ball in air. Keen spatial awareness; toe-tapper near the sideline. Not especially powerful or elusive as ball-carrier. Routinely fools defensive backs getting out of breaks. Position blocker; needs to get more physical.

Polish: High-level route-runner. Varies release at LOS and consistently attacks leverage of defensive backs. Mostly plays wide; must improve strength, technique as blocker. Natural physical gain in collegiate program could accelerate in-line progression.

Bottom Line: Fidone is a long, reliable and versatile pass-catcher capable of producing all over the field. Needs more experience lined up in tight, but athleticism ensures he’ll line up in multiple spots across formation. Early playing time depends on size development, but will be multi-year starter and potential NFL player regardless.