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Moore Tallies Pair of Touchdowns in Loss

Two former Terps sit within the top-ten in receiving yards through seven weeks.

It was a quiet start for Panthers wide receiver DJ Moore on Sunday before he reeled in his first catch on a 74-yard reception. Moore finished the game with 93 receiving yards and a pair of touchdowns on four receptions in a losing 27-24 effort to the New Orleans Saints.

The Panthers’ offensive struggles on Sunday didn’t sit in the passing game as first-year head coach Matt Rhule noted the struggle running the football in the loss. "I don’t think we had a lot of plays. I don’t know how many total plays we had in the game,” Rhule said following the loss. “It just felt like one of those games based upon the way they were playing, based upon the way our guys were playing it was going to be plays through the air. Felt like it was one of those games it was going to be, hey, throw it and then mix in the runs. Thought Mike (Davis) played well. We hit him on a couple passes. He made guys miss. Just felt like one of those, hey, let’s throw the ball. Obviously, we had the big play to DJ [Moore] which was a quick drive. Nothing particular about the run game other than we are kind of one of those hey, get the lead and then run the football type teams. More pass first. Obviously, couldn’t quite get the lead, we were always kind of chasing from behind."

Following his performance, Moore sits alongside Stefon Diggs within the top ten in receiving yards through seven weeks. Diggs sits fourth in the league with 603 receiving yards and three touchdowns on 48 catches while Moore has tallied 567 receiving yards and a trio of touchdowns on 31 catches.