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Miami Hurricanes Freshmen Snap Counts

For each Miami freshman, detailing their 2023 snap counts
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Here's the breakdown for the Miami Hurricanes 2023 freshmen's snap counts, heading into the Pinstripe Bowl versus Rutgers. Each player's information comes from the Pro Football Focus database.

Eligibility Notice: Any college player who plays four or fewer games can preserve a redshirt year. There is an extra point about that number, however. Bowl games do not count against a freshman's eligibility. More specifically, even if a Hurricane plays against the Scarlet Knights and already has seen action in four contests, the fifth game against the Rutgers allows that Miami player to hold his redshirt.

Quarterback Emory Williams: 181

Running Back Mark Fletcher, Jr.: 249

Running Back Chris Johnson, Jr.: 22 (preserved redshirt)

Wide Receiver Nathaniel "Ray Ray" Joseph: 88

Wide Receiver Robby Washington: 12 (preserved redshirt)

Tight End Riley Williams: 299

Tight End Jackson Carver: 6 (preserved redshirt)

Offensive Lineman Samson Okunlola: 30 (preserved redshirt)

Offensive Lineman Francis Mauigoa: 865

Offensive Lineman Frankie Tinalau: 0 (preserved redshirt)

Offensive Lineman Tommy Kinsler: 2 (preserved redshirt)

Offensive Lineman Antonio Tripp: 0 (preserved redshirt)

Defensive end Collins Acheampong: 0 (preserved redshirt)

Defensive End Rueben Bain, Jr.: 626

Defensive End Jayden Wayne: 123 

Defensive Tackle Joshua Horton: 32 (preserved redshirt)

Linebacker Raul Aguirre: 143

Linebacker Malik Bryant: 46

Linebacker Marcellius Pullium: 90

Linebacker Kaleb Spencer: 93

Linebacker Bobby Washington, Jr.: 35 (preserved redshirt)

Cornerback Damari Brown: 386

Cornerback Demetrius Freeney (Sophomore - JC): 28 (preserved redshirt)

Cornerback Robert Stafford: 1 (preserved redshirt)

Punter Dylan Joyce: 41

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