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Whose Stock Is Rising And Falling For The Miami Hurricanes On Florida State Week?

Alex Donno brings you the Hurricanes Football stock report before their big rivalry matchup.
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Miami's passing offense was missing in action last week. The Canes were held without a touchdown against NC State. That's not gonna cut it against the 4th ranked Seminoles.

 This week's stock report won't be done with rose colored glasses (or orange and green ones) on, but there are a few players and a coach whose stock are on the up and up!

Mark Fletcher's stock is RISING. The true freshman running back powered his way to 5 yards per carry last week on a career high 115 yards. Most of that was on Fletcher picking up tough yardage with sheer strength and power. Florida State has been a bit vulnerable on the ground this year, ranking 57th in the nation in rushing defense. Expect Fletcher to be Miami's starting tailback for the second straight week. 

Stock is RISING on defensive coordinator Lance Guidry. His unit gave the Hurricanes plenty of opportunities to win last week, all of which were flushed down the drain by the offense. Guidry's D held NC State to five YARDS in the third quarter. The Canes defense will face a much tougher challenge this week against a top 25 offense and a dual threat quarterback. Guidry has had answers to most every question til now. What will he scheme up against the Seminoles?

Stock is FALLING for offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson. Yes. he's been handcuffed by poor quarterback play, but he's also the quarterbacks coach, so some of that must fall on him. The Canes offense has gone five and a half quarters without scoring a touchdown. 

Stock has bottomed out on starting quarterback Tyler Van Dyke. Perhaps the only direction this can go in now is... up? He's thrown 10 interceptions in his past four starts and leads all Power Five quarterbacks with 11 INT's on the season. He might have played himself out of the starting lineup. That won't be known for sure until right before kickoff this Saturday. 

Buy low 

I am buying low on offensive playmaker Brashard Smith this week. It sounds like Miami's coaches realize they need to find more ways to get him touches. I would not be surprised to see him a lot more this week. 

I'm buying very low on backup quarterback Jacurri Brown. He literally hasn't played all year, but this might be the perfect time to get him on the field in wildcat and red zone packages. Florida State has been hurt at times by mobile quarterbacks. 

I'm also buying low on Ajay Allen. The shifty running back missed last week due to injury but is expected to return to face the Seminoles. Allen and Fletcher provide a nice combination of lightning and thunder. 

Edge rusher Rueben Bain is someone to keep an eye on. He can potentially match up well against FSU's questionable play at right tackle. NC State did a nice job doubling him, but when that happens, it gives a teammate an opportunity to come in unblocked. Hopefully players like Jared Harrison-Hunte, Leonard Taylor, Branson Deen and Jahfari Harvey can take advantage. is your home for all things Miami Hurricanes football, recruiting, basketball, and other athletics, all the time. Follow along on social media at @AllHurricanes on Twitter and All Hurricanes on Facebook for round-the-clock news and analysis.