Who Wins A Big Ten Title First?

Brandon Brown

It's a fun debate to have as long as it doesn't turn nasty. Sure, there's a large faction of people who think Jim Harbaugh has underachieved but that fact is that Michigan football is pretty damn good. It's just not elite.

Basketball, on the other hand, was elite, but a transition from one of the more experienced coaches in the country in John Beilein to a guy who never ran a team in Juwan Howard could take some time to get to the top of the heap in a very competitive league.

However you look at it, both programs are in a really good spot and could jump up and beat just about anyone on a given night. Do that enough times and one of the teams might just be playing for a conference championship next season.

I wouldn't bet on that, so who gets there first — Juwan Howard or Jim Harbaugh?

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bob bob
bob bob

The answer is neither. Howard will be fired after year three and Harbaugh will go to the NFL after the '21 season. Both will have zero championships and Harbaugh exits after going 0-7 againt osu.


Both coaches are closer than most people think to winning the Big Ten. Howard has good personnel and can never be counted out. Harbaugh had a massive rebuild to accomplish and has done it. And while Day is a decent caretaker for the juggernaut Meyer cheated to build, the post-Urban hangover always hits teams after he leaves.

It could be different at OSU now, depending upon how many strings Meyer pulls from behind the scenes, but I don't see Day walking in and having sustained success. Meyer's best players are leaving due to graduation and the NFL. Day isn't a lock to sustain Meyer's success.