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Michigan Legend Charles Woodson Makes History

NFL Hall of Famer, Heisman winner and former Michigan legend Charles Woodson continues to pave the way for people to come after him.

Charles Woodson has seemingly been elite at everything he does throughout the course of his life. Obviously Michigan fans remember the legendary No. 2 making plays on both sides of the ball, becoming the first defensive player to win the Heisman and helping the Wolverines win a national title in 1997. Once in the NFL, he continued to dominate and is widely regarded as one of the two or three best cornerbacks to ever play the game. Now, he's a businessman with his Woodson Bourbon Whiskey, and he's paving the way once again. 

Per reports, Woodson is now the first former player to own a company that will be the official spirit sponsor for an NFL franchise.

The Las Vegas Raiders even "signed" Woodson to a deal involving his bourbon and posted it on social media as if he was a rookie signing his contract once again.

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