Change Is Coming To The College Football Playoff: Here's What You Need To Know

College football fans, players and coaches have been asking for it - now it's about to happen.
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It didn't take long for excitement over the College Football Playoff to give way to frustration and disappointment.  The problem with the format of a four-team playoff quickly became apparent as the same powerhouse programs were competing for a national championship year after year.  

Beginning in 2014, the College Football Playoff has taken place seven times - with Alabama and Clemson making six appearances, Ohio State and Oklahoma with four, Notre Dame with two and a handful of other power five programs who have made just one appearance.  Overall, only 11 of the 129 Division I FBS programs have participated in the College Football Playoff.  By and large, the majority of Division I football programs will never have a legitimate shot at competing for college football's top prize.  

As a result, many within the college football world have been asking for an expansion to the college football playoff in an effort to create more parity and interest - something that has worked quite well for college basketball.

It now looks like expansion is about to happen.

According to Brett McMurphy of the Stadium Network,  the college football playoff is expected to expand to 12 teams and would be officially implemented by 2023.

The potential expansion to a 12-team playoff would change college football dramatically, particularly late in the season.  According to Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby, a 12-team playoff would create an energy in October and November that doesn't currently exist for many within the college football world.

Bowlsby also acknowledged that decisionmakers may underestimated the difficulties a limited four-team playoff would create. 

There will be more to come as an official vote to expand is expected in the coming months.  Regardless of when the decision is made official, it appears that an expansion to the College Football Playoff is now imminent.