Don Brown's Take On Why Some Players Make It And Some Don't

Brandon Brown

Michigan defensive coordinator Don Brown has been around the game of football for a long, long time. He has seen underrecruited, diamonds in the rough blossom into NFL stars and he's seen bonafide high school superstars flame out and hang the cleats up for good.

No coach knows exactly why the paths can be so different. If they did, they'd be the most successful coach in the country with no misses on the recruiting trail. Brown has had more hits than misses, which is the mark of most good coaches, but he's not perfect. 

On Thursday morning, Brown attempted to explain why some freshmen make it and some don't and even mentioned a few of his incoming youngsters when talking about needing to see it on the field. He's obviously been missing that opportunity given the pandemic, but he knows what he's looking for.