LISTEN: Ep. 9: Michigan Admissions, Getting Over The Hump, What Fans/Alums Truly Want

Michigan hasn't gotten over the hump under Jim Harbaugh, leading droves of fans to try and figure out why.
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Is the deck really stacked against Michigan football? Are admissions the biggest reason why Jim Harbaugh and U-M can't reach elite levels? Do Michigan graduates really care that much about how many players graduate and what kind of degree they get? 

These are just some of the questions that seemed to be asked on a pretty regular basis when it comes to the Michigan football program. Michael Spath is as qualified as anyone to answer them as someone who grew up as a Michigan legacy, covered the team for nearly two decades and now teaches at the university. His unique perspectives allow him to answer some of these questions in a way that most can't. His opinions and more drive this episode as we try to figure out what direction U-M football is traveling in.