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Aidan Hutchinson Ranks His Top-Five Favorite Plays At U-M

After a stellar career that included one big play after another, Hutchinson narrowed down his list to his top-five favorite plays during his four-year career at the University of MIchigan.

After a stellar career at the University of Michigan, Aidan Hutchinson is viewed by most as arguably the top pick in this year's NFL Draft. Hutchinson rebounded from a season ending injury in 2020 by putting together an historic season - breaking the single-season sack record at U-M and finishing No. 2 overall in the Heisman voting. 

Reflecting on his impressive Michigan career, Hutchinson was asked to name his top-five plays at U-M. 

With the 2022 NFL Draft quickly approaching, Nick Falato of Giants Country provided a phenomenal breakdown of Hutchinson's strengths and weaknesses - along with an overall assessment of where Hutchinson will go in the draft.

Here's a bit of what Falato had to say:

Overall, Aidan Hutchinson is a unique player with dominant hand technique at the point of attack. He’s an excellent athlete with the quickness, burst, bend, and lateral movement skills in short areas to succeed in a phone booth.

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He also has solid movement skills in space for someone with his frame. His ability to employ a variety of pass-rushing/counter moves in the right situation while knowing the aiming points to exploit OTs is a trait that shows advanced technical ability and mental processing.

His hands are quick, violent, and mostly on target. He plays with power, dictates pass rushing plays, and can sufficiently be a good run defender at the next level. He plays with his hair on fire and commanded offensive attention in college. Hutchinson had a great 2021 campaign and will turn that into being a top-5 selection in the upcoming draft.