Son of Bo Schembechler, Former Michigan Players Set to Open Up about Robert Anderson

Bo Schembechler's son and two former Michigan football players are preparing to speak to the media later today about the actions of Robert Anderson and whether or not Bo did what he was supposed to do.
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Matt Schembechler, son of legendary Michigan football coach Bo Schembechler and a survivor of sexual assault by former University of Michigan doctor Robert Anderson will speak to the media today at 1 pm. He will be joined by his attorneys as well as two former football players and their attorneys.

Matt, along with Daniel Kwiatkowski and Gilvanni Johnson are planning to tell their stories in front of the media later today. Kwiatkowski played offensive tackle from 1977 to 1979 under Schembechler. He was treated and abused by Dr. Anderson four times. Johnson played wide receiver under Schembechler from 1982 to 1986 and he was treated and abused by Dr. Anderson more than 15 times. Coincidentally, Johnson's career overlaps exactly with current Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh's. 

Matt Schembechler plans to set the record straight regarding his own abuse by Dr. Anderson. He also intends to address his father’s failure to protect him and other athletes.

Kwiatkowski was sexually assaulted by Anderson during his first football physical in 1977. After the next football practice following the physical, Kwiatkowski confronted Bo and told him what Anderson did. Bo's advice to Kwiatkowski was to "toughen up" and ignore the abuse. Kwiatkowski was violated at the next two yearly physicals after this. He was interviewed as part of a police investigation in 2015.

Johnson told Bo he was assaulted by Anderson after his first physical in 1982, and despite promising to address the issue with the medical staff, Bo did nothing. Johnson's mother was told by the coaching staff they would take care of him while at U-M. Johnson was sexually assaulted 15-20 more times by Anderson. 

This entire situation is tragic and sad. It takes tremendous strength for these grown men to now come forward and talk about these very uncomfortable occurrences, especially as proud former members of the Michigan football program and players under Schembechler, and as the son of Schembechler himself. No one knows that what this will mean for Michigan football and everyone involved moving forward, but the picture should be at least a little clearer after this afternoon's press conference.