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McNamara's Bold Statement On QB Battle

The senior quarterback has every reason to be confident heading into 2022, and that confidence was quite evident at Tuesday's press conference.

If there's a quarterback battle brewing in Ann Arbor, returning starter Cade McNamara is seemingly unaware of it. During Tuesday's media availability, McNamara was asked about the off-season battle with sophomore QB, JJ McCarthy. McNamara's answer didn't leave much room for ambiguity.

“I mean, I’m a Big Ten Championship winning starting quarterback. And that’s how I see it,” McNamara said.

To be fair, everything in McNamara's response was accurate and factual - he did help engineer a win over Ohio State, a Big Ten Championship and a trip to the College Football Playoff. He's earned the right to be confident about his job security in Ann Arbor, regardless of who the competition is. 

“I know what it takes, what a team has to look like,” McNamara said. “I know what I have to do in order for us to do that. I know the level I think we have to be executing in, and also really the critical moments we have to execute in.”

McNamara's primary competition is none other than sophomore quarterback, JJ McCarthy. During our recent sit-down interview with a trio of Michigan Football players, McCarthy offered up his perspective on the current QB battle in Ann Arbor - taking on a much different perspective than that of McNamara. 

"You're not playing for the name on the back of your jersey, you're playing for the name on the front," said McCarthy. Football is the epitome of team sports, there's no way you can be successful without every man doing their job - and that's the same thing with two quarterbacks. Whatever the coaches feel like will give us the best chance to win the game, that's what we're going to do. As long as the team is having success, there's no problems over here."

Head coach Jim Harbaugh understands the quarterback battle as good as anyone, and he understands it's a temporary position at best. 

“As far as long-term, who it's going to be, that prediction, everyone rents that position,” Harbaugh said back in November. “Nobody owns the position, any position on the field. Not even the head coach. You lease, at best.”

Game on.