Will Jim Harbaugh Be Michigan's Coach In 2021?

With so many reports swirling around, everyone is speculating on what's actually going to happen.
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It really is the million dollar question. Scratch that — it's the ten million dollar question.

Jim Harbaugh has fallen short of his goals as Michigan's head coach but, depending on who you trust and follow, is apparently close to getting an extension and heading into year seven. Part of the reason why an extension might actually happen is because of Harbaugh's $10 million buyout. That's a pretty big chunk of change at any time but it feels even bigger during a pandemic as the athletic department hemorrhages money. Throw in the fact that athletic director Warde Manuel flat out doesn't want to fire Harbaugh and you start to understand why an extension might be on the table.

But as we've asked before, why is that even an option at this point? Harbaugh still has some supporters, but most people are ready to see him go. For those who do want Harbaugh back, they simply don't have many reasons to support their thoughts. They flat out don't exist.

Because of that, I've been pretty clear on what I think should happen. But that hasn't always aligned with what I think is going to happen. 

As things stand right now, I do think Harbaugh is done at Michigan. If he's interested in returning, like he's sort of saying in public, and Manuel wants him back, it would be a done deal. The fact that it's not means that the contract isn't what Harbaugh is looking for, Harbaugh wants out or Manuel wants Harbaugh out. Some of those things could be true together, but to me it all means that change is coming.

Others seem to think an extension will be signed. I can't figure out how that actually ends up happening based on how it's dragging out right now. It just doesn't make sense. Unless Harbaugh really is waiting on an offer from the NFL that never comes, I just don't see what would make him sign an extension now or later that couldn't have happened before. 

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