Rival Teams Excited About Jim Harbaugh Extension Reports

It's being reported that Jim Harbaugh will be back and the reception has been less than ideal.

Prominent media members are now reporting, with more confidence than over the last month, that Jim Harbaugh will be back on the Michigan sidelines next year — and Michigan's two biggest rivals couldn't be happier about it.

jim harbaugh ohio state michigan state tweet

That's not rabid fans. That's not some fanboy blogger. That's not local media slaps in Columbus and East Lansing. Those are the official Twitter accounts for both Ohio State and Michigan State liking the report of Harbaugh returning. Someone being paid by those universities publicly endorsed the return of Jim Harbaugh.

I've been clear on my stance. I absolutely loved the Harbaugh hire. Everyone did. But it hasn't worked. He simply hasn't done enough to receive an extension and I think he should be gone. It's not personal, and I'm not salty, sad or furious that he's potentially coming back, I just don't understand it.

The majority of the fanbase is fed up and rivals are glad he's coming back. That's where we are.