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Make Your Pick: Michigan vs. Illinois

Michigan is expected to win by a good bit but Illinois is definitely no push over.

Michigan is in pursuit of perfection and beating Illinois today will get them one step closer. 

Chris Breiler

For a moment, Illinois vs Michigan was looking like it might be a late-season battle between two top-rated teams. Instead, Illinois has dropped their last two contests (Michigan State and Purdue) and the Wolveirnes have continued their dominance through ten weeks.

It's senior day and the last obstacle standing between an 11-0 Michigan headed to Columbus. Weather may play a bit of a factor here, but the Michigan offense is essentially built for any climate.

Michigan 37, Illinois 17

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Brandon Brown

Illinois feels like Michigan Lite. They play solid defense, run the ball well and eat clock in order to neutralize the other team. Unfortunately for the Illini, Michigan does the same thing at a more efficient clip and with better athletes. The Wolverines are also at home and working toward 11-0. 

It's really cold, pretty windy and there are some snow flurries flying. Both teams are built for days like today, but Michigan is simply better equipped. It'll be another heavy dose of Blake Corum and not much passing, en route to a Michigan win.

Michigan 41, Illinois 13