How Current And Future Michigan Players Reacted To Harbaugh's Return

With news of Harbaugh's contract extension becoming finalized, Michigan football players took to social media to share their thoughts.
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After weeks of speculation and uncertainty, Michigan and Jim Harbaugh made it official on Friday with the announcement that Harbaugh's contract extension was a done deal.  Though the five-year extension includes a base salary that is nearly half of what Harbaugh was making previously, it is full of incentives that can increase his pay dramatically - including $1 million for winning the Big Ten championship game and College Football Playoff. Additionally, Harbaugh's extension offers a $500,000 bonus if Michigan wins the Big Ten East division outright and a $500,000 bonus if it reaches the CFP semifinals.

While the outside world reacted to news of Harbaugh's contract extension becoming finalized, those who were directly impacted by the decision - the players - took to social media to let their thoughts be known.

Cade McNamara: Sophomore Quarterback

JJ McCarthy: 2021 Signee, Quarterback

"It was awesome.  He told me he was going to be my coach for the remainder of my (college) career and I really took his word on that.  It's just really relieving to kind of walk into the situation I committed to."

Junior Colson: 2021 Signee, Linebacker

Tyler Martin: 2022 Commit, Linebacker

Louis Hansen: 2021 Signee, Tight End

Tristan Bounds: 2021 Signee, Offensive Tackle

Andrel Anthony: 2021 Signee, Wide Reciever

Donovan Edwards: 2021 Signee, Running Back

"I'm happy.  He put his pen to his paper the same way that us players did.  He told us all that he was committed to us.  Us as Michigan players, we stuck to his word and believed him."