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JJ McCarthy Voices Support for Jim Harbaugh

In the midst of growing speculation surrounding Jim Harbaugh's future at Michigan, quarterback JJ McCarthy is clearly pulling for a return.

There aren't many answers coming out of Schembechler Hall these days, particularly as it relates to Jim Harbaugh's future at the University of Michigan. The little bit that has been conveyed through various "insiders" suggests two very different realities: one in which Jim Harbaugh seems destined to leave, another in which Jim Harbaugh is destined to return. 

As media members and fans speculate as to what his next move will be, at least one Wolverine is making his thoughts known during what appears to be a relatively uncertain time. 

JJ McCarthy, the talented true freshman and potential starting quarterback in 2022, offered his support for Harbaugh with a simple - yet powerful - statement.

"That's my head coach."

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As of now, McCarthy is correct. Jim Harbaugh is currently the head football coach of the Michigan Wolverines, but the question is whether or not that will be the case in the days ahead. 

As it currently stands, nobody - not even the players - know whether or not Harbaugh will be roaming the sidelines in Ann Arbor in 2022. The biggest threat to the marriage between Harbaugh and the University of Michigan appears to be the Las Vegas Raiders. Various reports have suggested that Harbaugh may be near the top of the wish list for Raiders owner Mark Davis, and that the Raiders might be at the top of Harbaugh's wish list. 

Though no official interview between Harbaugh and the Raiders has taken place yet, the lack of apparent progress between Harbaugh and Michigan has left some feeling concerned. After all, if Michigan wants Harbaugh and Harbaugh wants Michigan, commonsense tells you that a deal would be done - especially by day 22.