Who's Hungry?: National Restaurant Chain Says JT Was Short

A well-known restaurant chain will certainly be earning some extra business from the Michigan faithful moving forward.
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If you talk to any Michigan sports fan about the year 2016, you're likely to receive one simple response: "JT was short."

In fact, most folks outside of the state of Ohio agree on what was clear to anyone wearing maize and blue on that fateful day - and you can now add Buffalo Wild Wings to that group.

On Friday, the official twitter account for Buffalo Wild Wings asked its followers to name their most painful sports moment.  For Michigan fans, the moment couldn't have been more clear.  The year was 2016 and it looked like Michigan had finally put an end to the losing streak to Ohio State.  After stopping JT Barrett on a crucial 4th down in double-overtime that would have ended the game, the referees inexplicably gave Barrett a first down instead - and the rest is history.

Though the moment will likely forever haunt Michigan football fans who will always wonder what could have been, it's comforting to know that others know the truth.

The bold (yet accurate) stance by America's favorite restaurant chain led to some hilarious responses in the comment section.